Rental Property Taxation

Maximise your rental property deductions

Maximise your rental property deductions

Rental Property

Do you own a rental investment property or are thinking of buying one?   Versatile Accounting’s property experts can assist you maximise your deductions from the rental property.

Considering buying?

Are you thinking about making a decision to buy a rental investment property?.   Our accountants can advise you on all the tax aspects of this decision.    Some examples of what we can help with are:

  • Turning your interest expenses into a tax benefit, buy utilising Negative Gearing
  • The best tax structure to hold the rental property to maximise benefits in your circumstances
  • Reducing the amount of tax you pay weekly to help with mortgage repayments and other expenses.

Already have a Rental Investment Property?

Do you have an existing rental property?    Our accountants advise you on all taxation aspects of your investment.     We will ensure all deductions you are entitled to will be claimed.    These may include:

  • Interest expenses
  • Rates,
  • Body corporate fees,
  • Travel expenses,
  • Water charges,
  • Repairs and maintenance costs
  • Capital allowances,
  • Depreciation of fixtures and fittings

Are you a Salary or wage earner and wish to access your refund due to your Investment property now.    We can apply to the ATO for you to reduce the amount withheld from your wages improving your cash flows to pay the mortgage or expenses related to the property.

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